Friends in All Places

I am a planner. I love to experience new things and meet new people (if that is not obvious with the fact that I have a travel blog). If someone asks for a little help, I like to that ask and turn it into something so much bigger. 

I’m part of an all-women travel group on Facebook and it’s incredible. There is such a wide range of travel-related topics and it really has so much to offer. 

Whether it’s advice from locals, general travel advice, or city meet-ups.

I had the privledge of meeting up with two girls (I have never met before) from the group and it was so much fun. In a way, we all stepped out of our comfort zones and just jumped right in to meet each other.

It started with one of girls (who is from San Francisco and in Boston with her husband who is on business) posting on the group wall looking for ideas and even a mini get-together during her visit. I had free time and thought…why not? 

We met at Drink in the Seaport District in Boston and talked for 2 hours over tasty drinks. It was really nice to be able to not only talk about life but to talk about the common love and passion for travel. 

So, thank you ladies! I had a blast! 

The point of this post is not to talk about the friends I am meeting through thisFacebook  group but just to remind all of you that by stepping out of your comfort zone, so much greatness can happen. You can meet a new friend, you can learn about a new city, you can give and take advice. 

Don’t be afraid to create a little more sunshine in your life by surrounding yourself with people who love something just as much as you do. 

Also, just a Boston tip:

A great place to go with ANYONE is Drink. It’s a small bar located on Congress St where you can’t order typical cocktails but they give you drinks based on a liquor or taste you are looking for. The atmosphere is fantastic and the staff is witty and pretty incredible. Just be warned, the wait can be tough, especially on a Friday. Also, the drinks range from $12-$15 so just be prepared! 



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Hi! I'm Amy, an Upstate New York native and now a Boston, Massachusetts transplant! I currently work in the travel industry and have expanded my love of travel with this travel blog and planning trips all around the world. I still have so many places I want to visit but for now, you can read about my adventures !

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