Fun in the Sun at Folly Beach, SC

This post is not going to be super exciting or informative but I still want to give you some insight into my visit to Folly Beach in South Carolina.

Just a little but of background information first….

My mom lives just outside of Charleston in Summerville and I came down for the weekend since my entire family would be present for her birthday. Instead of sitting around and doing nothing (this tends to be a thing), we went to the Sea and Sand Festival on Folly Beach which consisted of the following:

  1. Beer
  2. Country music
  3. Local vendors
  4. Food

The weather was perfect other than the crazy winds and a nice break from the Boston cold.  

We tried some of the local vendor’s goods including Snöbar which sells alcohol infused Popsicles. I love my tequila so I had the margarita version while my mom had the Cosmo one. We both enjoyed ours but they were a little overpriced at $5 a pop.

After walking through the different tents, we went to Snapper Jack’s for lunch where I had steamed oysters filled with Spinach and cheese, they were delicious.

I had also shared a Blue Lagoon Fish Bowl with my Aunt Sue which was also very good but not a ton of alcohol was included in this drink.

For my main course I had the Fire and Ice Chicken Sandwich that had a siracha aoli sauce that was incredible.

If you ever have a chance to visit Folly Beach and want to grab a bite to eat, this place is perfect. It’s not right on the beach which is a downside but it has a great atmosphere, great staff, and great music. It is well worth the walk away from the beach.

The best part about this whole day: THE BEACH 


This beach has the perfect sand and a great place to look for starfish!

With it not being prime beach season (it was about 70 degrees) I didn’t have a chance to catch a tan but it felt so good to be walking around the beach.



Leavin’ on a Jet Plane

I flew for the first time in over a month today and I realized something; there is no better high than knowing you are getting on this gigantic thing with wings to go somewhere different. 

You are escaping your normal, everyday routine to go someplace else. 

I get this anxious, excited, nervous feeling every time I step foot on an airplane. It’s just the thought of this thing bringing me thousands of feet in the air, above the clouds, above the world.

There is no other excitement that trumps this feeling, at least not yet. Maybe as my life goes on I will discover that this feeling cannot be replicated or replaced. 

Do you ever feel this way? 

P.S. Here is a photo I took while waiting for my plane to take off and head to Washington DC. I just felt a sense of peace and understanding.